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God Isn’t Going Anywhere

Posted by Paul D. Johnson on

This has been a terrible, crazy, and eventful year. To top it off, we’re all dealing with a contentious national election that will have ramifications for decades to come. What a perfect time to remember that elections come and go, but God isn’t going anywhere. Regardless of who...

Going to Church Still Means Going to Church

Posted by Paul D. Johnson on

It seems that everything has changed in 2020. We go to school differently, shop differently, interact with friends differently, and go to church differently. Instead of attending our normal Bible studies, youth events, or Sunday morning services, many have stayed home and consumed material via...

Are You Passing or Failing?

Posted by Paul D. Johnson on

The COVID-19 pandemic has become an extreme test for Jesus followers. Never before in our lifetimes have we been asked to sacrifice so much for so long. As the coronavirus continues to lock down America, Christians are being forced to make major decisions about attitudes, behaviors, and whether...

Something Worth Fighting For

Posted by Paul D. Johnson on

When long-time abortion provider Ulrich Klopfer died at the age of 79, relatives made a gruesome discovery. Inside his Chicago-area garage were 71 boxes filled with 2,247 fetuses. Another 164 fetuses were discovered in one of the man’s vehicles. On Wednesday, the remains were buried in a...

Let’s Talk More About Mental Health

Posted by Paul D. Johnson on

Is it possible that Christmas is just a few days away? It seems like only yesterday that I was working through all of the emotions of the season; joy, hope, and a deep sentimentality that comes around once the decorating is finished. But this time of the year also brings with it a sense of...

Maintaining a Proper Christian Response Under the Shadow of Impeachment

Posted by Paul D. Johnson on

We are dealing with unusual times. Yes, our nation has gone through a lot. But it seems different now. The rancor is deafening. Division seems too deep to mend. Another President may or may not be impeached. Half the country hates him, and half love him. So, what are we to do? How does a...

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