Current Series

Who Is God?

Finding Hope in the Unshakable Nature of God During Covid-19. As you discover for yourself, who the God of the Bible really is, you’ll be drawn into a deeper relationship with him. Belief in the true God of the Bible will enable you to confidently thrive during Covid-19, and life’s most challenging circumstances.


We are entering an amazing and crucial season of church life. God is calling Ridgewood Church to a new and exciting future. Can we be like Abraham? Can we look beyond our circumstances and trust God, believing his promises for the future?

Colossians: Together For Christ

A series on the book of Colossians.
We need to stand together in awe of Christ so that we might live out a new life that only comes through him--that we might shine a bright light and provide a powerful impact on our community, as our neighbors notice a distinct Christlikeness within us.


Learning what it means to live in Christian Community.

Authentic Christianity

Within a confusing world that demands our attention, it is important to go back to the basics. The book of 1 John provides a guide to Authentic Christianity.  This kind of stripped-down discipleship involves love, obedience, and an acknowledgement that Christ has freed us from the consequences of sin. Authentic Christianity frees us and allows us to love Jesus in a new and profound way.

Topical Sermons

Sermons on various Biblical topics by various pastors and speakers.


Through obedience to the Law, Israel experienced restoration and forgiveness. Nehemiah’s wise leadership helped them to overcome opposition. The rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls is very much a story of God, Hope, and Restoration.


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